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Ancient sward fighting to bring back to life in a video game

Sword fighting the way it was done hundreds of years ago will be brought to life again when Subutai, a start-up company, put out its game in the near future. As a matter of fact, it may be based on sward fighting methods of the 13th century. The creator says that historically sward fighting was done completely different from the way you saw in the movie, Star Wars.

Recently the creator of the game started…

A case for downloadable games

Paid downloadable game sales are on the rise. It is hard to estimate the value of the downloadable game market. It is estimated that the Steam digital distribution platform owned by Valve made approximately $900 million in sales in 2010. The Electronic Arts (EA) estimates it made $800 million from digital sales in 2011 and sees a continued upward trend.

The developers of downloadable games see some advantages in digital distribution. They don’t have to…

Gambling on social media

All forms of online gambling as we know it is still prohibited under the U.S. Federal law. However, the U.S. Department of Justice says that the 1961 federal law that prohibits online gambling only applies to Web based sports betting. That may be why social game makers like Zynga want to get into social gambling. Social gambling is a mix of betting and internet games.

Some states such as New Jersey, Nevada, and California are…

Thrilling sequence for Grand Theft Auto from take-Two Interactive

Its summer and no game developers are making headlines. But many are gearing up for the holiday season and planning to release many new games as well as update their existing bestselling series. Take-two Interactive Software Inc. is no different from any other but when it comes to content; their games are unparalleled to any other game producers. They are planning to release Grand Theft Auto V in third or fourth quarter of this year…

Gamers, get ready for virtual reality

Nintendo and Sega have been engaged in developing headsets for virtual reality play for many years. Unfortunately for them their efforts made gamers who tried it sick to their stomach. Motion sickness has been a big issue for the new technology. Also, gamers were tired of waiting for their movement to be replicated by the counterpart. Last two decades have been a big disappointment for the virtual reality play.

At the recently concluded E3…

Gamers look beyond online reviews

Online game reviews are abundant and more and more are cropping up every day. Some come before the release of games while the game is in development and others come immediately after the release. Whatever the case may be, does anyone pay attention to online reviews? Does the successful sale of a game depend on online reviews?

Sure, game developers are paying attention to online reviews. Some may even take suggestions and modify games in…

New players entering to the mobile gaming arena

Watch out Sony and Microsoft; Apple, Ouya and others are developing gaming devices that can take anywhere and play any time. At the recently concluded Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco and the E3 in Los Angeles, competitors unveiled many of their gaming devices.

Apple announced that its iOS 7 will support traditional gaming controllers and other tools. Any iOS device will provide portability meaning mobile gaming will be readily available. Apple named it AirPlay…

Unknown Benefits of Ordering Lottery Tickets Online

Written by Lotto Gopher

If you’ve heard of the ability to order lottery tickets online, then you know why people love it. Before this type of service, lottery players had to get into their cars and drive to the nearest liquor store, stand in line, and purchase a ticket with cash. For many people, if the store wasn’t on the way home from work, it wasn’t worth the hassle. Even if there was…

MLB Betting for the American Man

As a true to roots American man, you can appreciate some of the finer points in life; a fast automobile, a hard day’s work, a hearty meal, and a good, old fashioned game of baseball. You can also get down to spicing up life with a bit of risk sometimes. After all, fortune favors the bold. Why not combine your need for risk with your passion of Americas pastime with a little bit of MLB betting. If... [Read more]

NHL Betting: A Milch Cow Which No One Notices

In case you have been looking for a sport to bet on, you probably did not get much action on NHL betting. However, the irony of this is that this lack of popularity makes this your best sport to bet on. The odds are more favorable and betting options are also diverse. Reliable betting sites will give you a breakdown of this sport including information on how a goalie is much like a pitcher in determining... [Read more]